About Us

Changing computing; 3 trits at a time.

Balanced Ternary is a strange base number. It traces far back in computer history, but not much has ever come of it other than a few footnotes. That is until recently, as several small projects such as multiplexers, appeared across the interwebs. SBTCVM arose out of a curiosity for balanced ternary mathematics and computing, as did libbaltcalc. This reflects heavily in SBTCVM and its overall design, and goals. The learning curve of SBTCVM can be steep. In fact, programming SBTCVM has been a challenge in itself, due to not many resources or tools related to balanced ternary being available. SBTCVM hopes to change that by providing an evolving codebase and design to provide ideas as well as the software tools needed, to develop balanced ternary further. This evolving nature is evident in planned projects such as a portable balanced ternary programming language, and even an operating system for SBTCVM. The sheer lack of tools and software support for balanced ternary can make itself quite evident. It therefore comes as no surprise to see people so passionate about the smallest balanced base number. It is hoped that SBTCVM can fill much of that void of support and tools. with a powerful integer mathematics backend, and a powerful command shell, and the VM itself, SBTCVM, continues to advance towards more powerful, features and tools. The lack of advanced balanced ternary hardware isn't helping anything. Sure one could try using discrete components to create a balanced ternary computer. but to say that building 19,683 9-trit words of memory using discrete parts is a tad complicated, is an understatement. Hence SBTCVM's virtual machine. SBTCVM uses instruction level simulation for two main reasons. A lack of reference hardware and speed. To conclude, SBTCVM is moving forward. New features, bugfixes, better documentation, and more. Perhaps some day, Balanced ternary computers will be available to the average curious user, but until then, SBTCVM will continue to advance ever further towards that overreaching goal.